Woman-Owned Businesses Making a Difference

4 Online Shops with Health, Social Consciousness, and Sustainability in Mind

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At Poppie’s Dough, our gourmet baked goods allow everyone who takes a bite to “taste a little happiness,” but happiness doesn’t only come in cookies. Quality food, socially conscious apparel, and clean beauty products all hold a little happiness, especially when you purchase those products from businesses you can trust.

As a woman-owned bakery, we are always looking to support other women-owned businesses and online stores. Something we love about businesses led by women is they often share a passion for health, social consciousness, and sustainability. Here are just a few of our favorite woman-owned shops that will not only make you feel good about what you buy but also who you buy it from.

1. Milk & Honey Granola

Milk & Honey Granola is an online store that delivers delicious, made-from-scratch granola. Just like Poppie’s Dough products, Milk & Honey granola is hand-baked and made with fresh, all-natural ingredients.

When the company’s founder, Carol Watson, started Milk & Honey Cafe, she set out to create a granola that was better than the mass-produced brands already on the shelf. That meant making each bake completely from scratch, with fresh, non-GMO ingredients.

But fresh ingredients and being 100% woman-owned are not the only things Milk & Honey Granola shares with Poppie’s Dough—Milk & Honey Cafe is also located in Chicago. If you live in Chicago, be sure to stop by their location in Wicker Park for breakfast or lunch to get a taste of this delicious granola. But even if you’re not in the city, you can get their fresh granola delivered by visiting their online store at milkandhoneygranola.com.

2. Spoonful Apparel

In a world where fast-fashion dominates online clothing stores, it’s difficult to discern which places to buy from and which to avoid—but that’s not the case with Spoonful Apparel. As soon as you arrive on their website, their mission is clear: “Look Good. Feel Good. Feed Kids.” This online clothing store donates 50% of profits to fight childhood hunger and according to the running toll on the top of their website, they have donated 128,200 meals to children in need.

Spoonful Apparel offers affordable women’s and men’s graphic tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies designed with inspirational messages like “You Are Enough,” “Love Yourself, Love Others,” and “Be the Light.” They also have stickers available showcasing the same positive messages. Spoonful’s clothing is also made sustainably and ethically, and their products are shipped to you in recyclable packaging.

With every purchase, Spoonful donates 50% of the profits to an organization in your community that is fighting childhood hunger, so you can feel good about helping the kids who are close to you (and look good while you do it). Visit spoonfulapparel.com to view their clothing and help feed the young people in your community.

3. ReImage Beauty

Similar to shopping for clothes, the makeup industry can also be unreliable when it comes to finding products that are sustainably made with healthy, natural ingredients. But woman-owned, socially-conscious beauty brands like ReImage are working to change that.

ReImage Beauty’s mission has three parts: (1) to provide all-natural cosmetics free from parabens, talc, and gluten, (2) to donate a portion of their profit to organizations promoting women’s health and wellness, and (3) to support young women in their pursuit of STEM careers. In short, they create makeup for people who live smart, both inside and out.

ReImage Beauty has developed two cosmetic lines, OrgoSmart® and Mineral Smart®, which are made with all-natural, skin-safe ingredients. Their store offers products to meet all of your makeup needs including mascara, lipstick, foundation, eye shadows, and more. Explore their products at reimagebeauty.com.

4. Ettitude

The stores and products listed above help us to look and feel good, but Ettitude is a woman-owned company that helps us to sleep good—and with a clear conscience. Ettitude offers men’s and women’s sleepwear, bedsheets, bath towels, and more that are made sustainably from bamboo, not cotton.

According to Ettitude’s website, bamboo sheets use 500x less water and 52% fewer carbon emissions. They even provide their customers with a yearly impact report to ensure that their company remains committed to “a more comfortable future for all.” With these sheets, you’ll sleep well in more ways than one!

To view Ettitude’s comfortable and caring sleep products, you can visit ettitude.com.

Next Time You Shop, Shop Woman-Owned

These woman-owned online shops are just a few of our favorite places, but there are many other businesses that make shopping online more healthy, sustainable, and socially conscious. The next time you shop online, you will be able to taste, wear, and feel a little happiness by supporting these amazing businesses!

To discover more women-owned businesses like these and Poppie's Dough, you can visit the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council website.

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